Mitsprache oder Mitbestimmung?

Die Rolle der Bundesversammlung in der schweizerischen Aussenpolitik am Beispiel der Aushandlung des institutionellen Rahmenabkommens mit der Europäischen Union


  • Leonard Flach


Legislature, Federal Assembly, Swiss Foreign Policy, Institutional Framework Agreement, European Union


This article addresses the questions of the foreign policy competencies of the Federal Assembly and how it made use of them in the negotiation of the institutional framework agreement with the EU. After a historical classification and a discussion of the relevant legal basis, the author undertakes a computer-aided content analysis of the parliamentary debates on the agreement in the Official Bulletin of the Federal Assembly. The results are then analyzed with recourse to previous insights. In doing so, he shows that there is an interplay between the expansion of parliamentary powers and diminishing opportunities for shaping them and that the Federal Assembly strives to fulfill its partial responsibility for foreign policy. In his conclusions, the author states that the increasing internationalization challenges the cooperation between the Federal Assembly and the Federal Council and that the rights to information and consultation play a key role in this debate.


Leonard Flach

Leonard Flach holds a BA in International Relations from the University of Geneva, the last semester of which he spent at Sophia University in Tokyo. During his MA in European Global Studies, he participated at the European Law Moot Court 2020/2021 and completed an internship at the Mission of Switzerland to the EU in Brussels. After completing his MA in 2022, Leonard Flach started working as a journalist for Swiss Radio and Television in Zurich.