Article formats

Historical Thinking, Culture, and Education accepts submissions on theoretical and empirical work related to the creation and use of historical knowledge in all its diversity in the broad area of history education in and outside schools.

These include: 

  • Scholarly discussions with the aim of refining theoretical concepts.
  • New and innovative methodological approaches to accessing and examining data.
  • Transnational or cross-cultural comparisons; processes and results of transnational and cross-cultural educational developments and approaches.
  • Interdisciplinary inputs that inform theoretical and methodological approaches and understandings of practice.
  • New empirical results based on adequate sampling and appropriate samples
  • Replication studies that enlighten potentials and limitations of distinctive approaches to research, eventually including cross-cultural comparisons.
  • Discussion of peripheral theoretical concepts and development of alternative concepts and approaches.
  • Connections between art (and other creative discipline areas) and digital technologies in order to resolve existing and new research questions on history education.
  • Design-based research for investigating new approaches to theory and practice and for solving broader social and educational problems.

The Journal of Historical Thinking, Culture, and Education accepts two kinds of articles: original research papers and brief discussions about history education (‘miniatures’).

  • The research papers must be between 5000 and 10,000 words long (for main paper including references and literature) and are subject to a double blind peer review.
  • The miniatures must be between 1000 and 5000 words long (for main paper including references and literature) and are suitable to initiate discussions about history education in a broader sense. They can include suggestions and ideas for educational innovations, new theoretical concepts, cross-cultural research, interdisciplinary approaches etc. The miniatures are reviewed by the editors.

Please see here for more information about review criteria that apply for research papers and miniatures.