Review Criteria

Download Review Form for Research Papers (Double Blind Peer Review)

Download Review Form for Miniatures (Editorial Review)

Research papers
can address theoretical (reviews, critical essays, etc.) and empirical issues (material-oriented articles in which the results of studies, text analyses, experiments, evaluations, meta-analyses, etc. are reported and discussed). The contributions must address the objective of the journal. Research papers are subject to a double blind peer review.

Miniatures are suitable to initiate discussions about history education in a broader sense. They can include suggestions and ideas for educational innovations, new theoretical concepts, cross-cultural research, interdisciplinary approaches etc. Miniatures are reviewed by the editors.

The following criteria apply to both text types:

1. Relevance, actuality and originality/innovative quality

Is the relevance, actuality and originality/innovative quality of the contribution clearly and plausibly presented?

2. Quality of the theoretical background

Does the theoretical background correspond to the current state of research?

3. Suitability of the methodological approach and quality of implementation

Does the methodological procedure, the interpretation and the evaluation of the results meet current quality criteria?

4. Structural and argumentative coherence, formal correctness

Is the contribution clearly structured, does it meet the formal requirements, is the language correct (as far as can be judged on the basis of one's own language abilities)?

5. Further comments and global assessment